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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> a winter weather alert. it is dangerously cold out there today. wind chill making it feel as low as negative 20. >> you can see there's blustery air there in this video. this is all happening as we get ready what's expected to be the region's biggest snowstorm so far this winter. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with when the snow that is, will move in. doug? >> hey there.
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yeah there's between 11:00 tonight and 3:00 tomorrow morning, we may get more snow in four hours we've had in the entire winter so far. that tells you how little snow we've had. winter storm warnings in effect from 6:00 tonight until noon tomorrow. farther north and west, too far away from the storm track to give more than a few inches of snow. there's no worry at all about what kind of precipitation it will be. the rain is way south. here comes the snow from the storm center actually the center of circulation still southwest of arkansas so it has a long way to go. it will move south of the area and off the coast. so as it's in transit, south of our area it will interact with the cold air and give us plenty of snow to fall and every flake is going to stick. look at air temperatures right now. 12 degrees in gaithersburg. 17 at reagan national. temperatures aren't expected to change very much today. check the time stamp. 1:00 this afternoon, moving across the mountains. we get to the afternoon, by the time we get to 5:00, 6:00, snow
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will enter the metro area. in this presentation, the darker the blue the heavier the snow. watch what happens late tonight. we have the heaviest snow d.c. metro area south and southeast and that's why the heaviest snow accumulations will be d.c. area south and east and watch how kly it moves out in the early morning hours. so by 6:00 eastern suburbs, southern suburbs have snow. that quick, it's out of the picture. we get sunshine in the afternoon. big question is how much? this is what we think in the latest. five to eight inch spread across the metro area. maybe a touch more when you head down towards the middle peninsula. lot more to share with you coming up. jacqui will join us as well and get us ready for the biggest snow we've seen in a while around the area. jummy? >> ok doug we'll be ready and watching. thank you. crews in the district are preparing for this winter weather as well. jeanette reyes live with what you need to know ahead of the storm. jeanette? >> well jummy, this is certainly the kind of weather where you put on as many layers
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as possible. and it's bitterly cold out here. take a live look behind me. you can see the temperature there. we're at 17 degrees. about 17 degrees here in the district. but, of course we are looking ahead for you. that snow that should be coming later on this afternoon. minutes ago in fact we got word that mayor muriel bowser will hold a press conference at 4:00 this afternoon to give an update on the district's response to this evening's weather. we know at this hour that the city will deploy the d.c. snow team, a crew of about 200 at 3:00 this afternoon and they'll be ready to go by 5:00 in time for that storm system. residents here in the district if you live here you have your work cut out for you as well. we have 24 hours after this storm has come and gone to clear your sidewalks. now, we caught up with a couple of people here. a family from tampa, florida, and they're just about ready to go. take a listen. >> headed back to floorrida where it's nice and warm. feel bad for you guys. >> when it's this cold and
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there's no snow, not worth it. >> and we're also keeping track of a couple of other numbers. take a look. 32, 125. 32 sounds pretty amazing right now. 32 days until spring and 125 days until this summer. so hopefully that's some good news that of course if you're outside in these elements it's hard to see the silver lining in all of that. but i promise you, we will get there soon. as soon as we're done with these single digit temperatures this week. reporting live in the district jeanette reyes abc 7 news. >> yeah jeanette. it is sad when you're wishing for 32 degrees. thank you. our team coverage continues now through virginia because of this extreme cold. organizers have cancelled the annual george washington birthday parade in alexandria. mike conneen is live in old town this afternoon with a look at how the storm has virginians gearing up and trying to warm up. >> i figure if it's going to be this cold it should at least snow. >> while some love the cold and snow, others hate it. >> i don't understand how people
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outside handle it. i couldn't. >> dogs wearing sweaters and humans wearing four or more layers. >> bundle, bundle bundle. the only way. >> keep moving. >> across the commonwealth, vdot says crews are pretreating roads with 3800 plows and trucks for deployment in northern virginia as well. in alexandria the bitter cold resulted in the cancellation of the country's biggest president's day parade. organizers say several participants backed out. stilt, many attended the annual indoor event. >> we listened and she has spoken. >> they spent the day tearing down these no parking signs that would have lined the parade route. these parking restrictions won't be enforced today. while city leaders say they're disappointed with the cancellation, they say it's the right call. >> i was scheduled to ride in a convertible. i want to tell you i'm so glad now that i didn't have to do that! >> no one could be more disappointed than alexandria's town crier. >> i live to serve this city.
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the most important public appearance of the year. he's not shedding too many tears. that's good. in this cold it would quickly become icicles. >> and the cold weather is suspected for a burst pipe at dulles international airport. that pipe burst last night in the control tower triggering an alarm and evacuation. a number of flights were diverted because the water affected some of the equipment used to communicate with those flights. the f.a.a. says everything was repak to normal just 6:30 this morning. and a heads up airlines have already started cancelling flights tomorrow ahead of that storm. around here at least 20 departures have been cancelled and three arrivals. if you plan on flying check with your airlines before heading out. >> the metro is running on a saturday schedule today because of the president's day holiday. but at 6:00 tonight, metro access paratransit service will be suspended because of the cold. and for tomorrow metro rail says it can operate close to a normal schedule with some
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crowding conditions and potentially longer waits with four to six inches of snow or less. but when more than eight inches comes down metro may suspend above ground rail service all together and only serve underground stations. be sure to abc 7 as this winter storm develops. you will find everything you need to know about the weather and the preparations around the area on also stay connected throughout the storm by downloading our weather app and on twitter. >> new development in the terror attacks in denmark. two men are under arrest this noon accused of helping the suspects in those deadly shootings over the weekend. police say the shooter was a 22-year-old danish born citizen. he was also a known gang member with a history of violence. denmark's prime minister said the acts were terrorism but does not think the gunman was linked to a terrorist group. >> have no indications at this stage that he was part of a
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cell. >> a danish film director and jewish security guard were killed in separate attacks. at least five police officers wounded. the suspect was killed during a shootout with swat teams. anger and grief in egypt this noon as the country reels from the killings of egyptian hostages by isil militants. video on line shows a mass beheading of egyptians on a beach. this is the first time egypt has acknowledged taking military action in the neighboring country. new at noon now, police are looking for the gunman in two mid-morning shootings in the district. two juveniles were shot in the 2500 block of pomeroy road in southeast. they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. and police are also investigating a shooting in the 1500 block of 28th street in southeast. police say an adult male suffered a gunshot wound.
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police are looking for a black nissan altima with maryland tags. detectives tell abc 7 news that they are hopeful they will get a break in the case of a local retired teacher's murder. >> we never give up hope you know eventually something is going to break. >> abc 7 news is now joining the effort with a week-long search for the killers among us. 4-year-old myra casson and a retired anne arundel teacher was shot to death in her car. the case makes little sense to police and even her family. she had no enemies, no criminal background and her sister was her best friend and she is tormented about what happened on that january day when police knocked on her door. >> told me and i said no. you definitely have the wrong person. that is not her. and -- >> tonight at 11:00, abc 7
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fighting back crime investigator jennifer donelan takes us back to the day that myra casson was killed. >> the council on american islamic relations will hold a news conference today with muslim community leaders in silver spring and they plan to discuss last week's murders of three young muslims in chapel hill north carolina. they'll also talk about the need for greater dialogue and action to challenge anti-muslim sentiment. last thursday, hundreds gathered in dupont circle to remember the three victims. coming up on abc 7 news at noon a new battle for businesses who want to use drones. the changes being proposed by the f.a.a. >> and false advertising for more than 130 years. new information that has officials changing the size of the washington monument. >> plus it just keeps on falling. how much more snow is expected in new england. >> and more on the winter weather alert here at home. how much snow we'll get and how it could impact your commute. stay with us.
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>> if you've been paying attention to our newscast you know this winter has not been kind to people up in new england. they have been getting hammered and thousands there are bracing for yet another winter storm. these poor people! nearly eight feet of snow is already on the ground in boston. and they could get a few more inches today. that is in addition to the bitterly dangerously cold temperatures. in some places wind chills dropping to 30 degrees below zero. >> this is crazy! you said to yourself and i'm thinking other people don't, you know, it never stops.
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>> boston is experiencing its third snowiest winter on record. officials say that they have plowed more than 275,000 miles already. >> i guess we can't complain too, too much because they've had four storms of a foot or more and we're hoping for six to eight inches. wow. >> yeah. that's been on a track through new england. they're not finished. they could get a lot more snow and here ours is in the future. the near future starting this evening, tonight and overnight. five to eight inches metro area maybe close to 10 inches in the southern suburbs. let's start. we have access to thousands of cameras across the country exclusively here and this is a live look from lexington, kentucky and we're showing you because it's snowing to beat the band there. plus this is right where the center of the snowfall is right now. this is the area that literally is moving towards us and get in later tonight. very cold temperatures to go with it. every flake that falls will stick. temperatures in the teens, the ground is frozen solidly.
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the pink areas indicate regions under active winter storm warnings in effect from 6:00 tonight until noon tomorrow. and here we are with radar superimposed over the maps. you see the pink areas behind. there's massive winter storm warnings from the east coast and atlantic ocean to the central plains. that's how big of a system it is. it is moving generally from west to east. it is not a coastal storm. we get our 10, 15 two foot snowfalls not from storms that go like this but the storms that form along the coast and move north and go like that. so with that said, cold, dry air in place. plenty of snow downstream that's headed her it's in the bag to get snow. only question is how much. and that will be determined on the speed for which the storm moves and the guidance continues to suggest the heaviest snow will fall between 10:00 tonight and 6:00 in the morning. fluffy enough and dry enough five to eight, seven to 10 south of town. seems like a good deal. 17 inches at reagan national. you know what i'm thinking. 14 degrees at washington dulles
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and at andrews. temperatures may go up another degree or two. that's about it. cold, dry air with a winter storm warning so we're thinking again, 5:00 that's about the start-up time the first flakes will make it through the area. we have a rush hour that looks to be pretty much ok for the evening. maybe a few flurries but you should be able to get home from whatever rush there is with no problem. heaviest snow will arrive. treacherous travel overnight and there will be school closings in effect as well if they announce anything later, we will certainly have that for you as well. in the short term you have several hours now to plan ahead. this is the real deal. futurecast gives the timing. again, it's backed up and pretty solid guidance here we think. with the snow moving in later this afternoon and becoming heavier later tonight in the overnight. any mix or ice will be way south through the carolinas. we'll get snow and all snow. it looks like the back edge probably moving out of town around 6:00 in the morning and then through the afternoon, i think we'll get some sunshine and then another bitter blast, another outbreak of arctic air
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will head here as we head through the day on wednesday. so here's what we're thinking. five to eight inches in the metro area. lesser amounts to the north and then seven to 10 perhaps more farther south closer to the storm track. for you, here we go. only in the 20's for high temperatures tomorrow and as we go beyond that it looks like it will get a whole lot colder on wednesday. jacqui is outside right now in rosslyn. jacqui, people getting ready. what should they prepare for? >> they are. they need to prepare to shovel snow. it's always a first time this year. you know doug, we've only had 3.7 inches of snow this season. we've got a snow deficit of more than eight at reagan national. and nearly all that's been required for the most part is a little bit salt to melt off the ice. well, this time around the salt is not going to be so effective because our temperatures are going to be very cold. the snow that we're expecting is going to be a very light powdery fluffy snow because the temperatures will be so cold. so you're going to be using the
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shovel and the good news out of all of this is it's going to be a lot lighter and easier to shovel than the heavy, wet stuff we've had so far this season. in fact, the snow that we're expecting may be four times lighter than your typical snow as a result of this. for the first time you might see us pulling out these snow blowers. you're talking four to eight easy across metro area and seven to 10 plus in the areas to the south, this may be your best friend. you may be brown nosing your neighbors a little bit right now. speaking of tools, make sure you have your storm watch 7 app. this will help you get through the storm as well. go to to download it if you don't already have it. you can get live doppler reports and latest blog. i'm tracking the temperature right now here autria. 17 degrees it says outside of our studios. it feels like 7. my fingers are feeling that 7 degrees. back to you. >> all right. thank you, jacqui. even with all those layers on.
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>> cold to the bone. >> doug? >> back in a bit. >> the washington monument is apparently shrinking. officials announced a new height for the historic marker this morning and john gonzalez has the numbers that make the measurements circulated for more than 130 years wrong. >> 525 feet. >> wow. very close. >> how does this happen? the iconic washington monument isn't shrinking but it's shorter than originally advertised. >> 500 feet. 400 feet. i'll go 400 feet. >> this isn't the case of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake, but the measurements have been off. >> happens to all of us. >> government surveyors have determined the new height is now 554 feet 7as measured from the
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very entrance to the top. >> it's very big. we were reading this morning, apparently -- >> resource it was. >> what does this mean? it means nearly 10 inches shorter than what has been thought for more than 130 years. officials say modern standards likely use a different base point than what was the norm. back in the 1880s. >> new technology that they have in being able to measure things more carefully. >> looks the same to me. >> some say the monument that was built on land that used to be underwater has sunk about 2.2 inches since 1901. >> in the grand scheme of things, is there? >> today the elevator inside actually got stuck for a few minutes but no indication that elevator has outgrown its structure. >> it's impressive! >> yeah. >> big ben or something. they're used to it. >> sinking a little bit. >> coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, the new relayingses businesses may save when it comes to drones.
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>> more problems for the obama care website. it would have some expanding the deadline to enroll.
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>> a search this afternoon for the suspects in a deadly road rage incident in las vegas. police say tammy myers was on her way home thursday when she almost collided with another car. the mother of four and the driver reportedly got into some sort of arc um. -- argument. the driver of the other car followed myers shooting her after she pulled up to her house. myers was taken off life support on saturday. the f.a.a. is mapping out new rules for commercial use of
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unmanned drones after several incidents including the one a few weeks ago when one crashed into the white house lawn. for business use, they must be under 55 pounds fly no higher than 500 feet and can only be flown during the day. also the operator must pass a written test. officials say that it could take a couple of years for a final decision. the problem is fixed but nearly half a million people had troubles signing up for the obamacare website due to a last minute glitch in the system over the weekend. according to "usa today," the issue prevented the user from getting their income verified to enroll on they've extended the deadline to give them a few more days. we are getting you ready for this winter storm. >> yes ready or not, it is coming.
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>> by the time the snow tapers off tomorrow morning, five to eight inches across the greater metro area east and west. a little west and the north, jackpot will be south of town. seven to 10 inches and possibly a little bit more. it will stay bitterly cold for the next seven days. more snow possible mixed with rain over the weekend. storm team coverage resumes at 4:00 and i'll be back here for hourly updates at 1:00 2:00 and 3:00. >> all day long. and abc 7 news at 4:00. >> we'll be back here tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m.
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